PKN Cleveland
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PechaKucha (PKN), Japanese for “the sound of conversation,” features a succession of 10 presenters, each discussing their work, ideas, and obsessions around art, fashion, food, life, architecture, film, furniture, music, community, and photography through a six-minute presentation (20 slides X 20 seconds per slide). PKN Cleveland hosts four free events per year at various public places to better connect the CLE community to the amazing passion and creativity that exists here in the NEO region!!!

The goal is to expose and attract new talent and ideas, foster existing creatives and incite meaningful connections between the passionate presenters and amazing audience members.

These events take place in over 900 cities world-wide and were started by the owners of Klien-Dytham Architecture in Tokyo, Japan.

PKN Cleveland is organized by a group of volunteers including: Aseem Garg, Emily Bacha, Heather Lenz, Trent Boerner, Michael Christoff, Don Pavlish and Amy Viny